About Jan

Jan has been a counseling therapist for over a decade and in the field of social services for longer than 25 years and I have seen all ranges of issues and concerns.  She has recently obtained her PhD (Candidate) in Clinical Psychology focusing on Somatics (fancy way of saying body).

My Background

photo (17)My initial entry into this field was through grief and loss, working with special needs and culminating in work with addictions and life changes.Throughout my years I have had a strong interest in all forms of trauma and people’s ability to survive.  I am constantly amazed at what clients have been through and marvel at their level of ability and capability.   I have a strong interest in helping others heal from trauma and life issues that hold them back from being able to live life to their full potential.

Over the years I have worked in a variety of settings: hospitals, non-profit agencies, schools (elementary, secondary and university), mental health agencies and private practice.  This has given me a broad perspective on the issues one can face in any and all settings allowing me to understand many of my client’s experiences better.

Having worked at GF Strong Physical Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver as their addictions expert and educator I learned great respect for the challenges that life can bring.  As an addictions therapist for the past 14 years I have been exposed to all forms of healing from traumas ranging from motor vehicle accidents to emotional abuse and everything in between.  A theme of coping with grief and loss permeates all of these experiences and can be viewed as a way through recovery, not just the individual but for loved ones as well.

Life transitions can prove to be a challenge and can bring up many past issues and concerns.  If this is true for you, talking to someone can make a difference between moving forward with hope and ease, or staying stuck with overwhelm and fear.

My philosophy is to empower my clients with the ability to no longer need me because they have the tools to cope themselves. My belief is by having a warm, engaging therapist to listen and help shift one’s perspective one can generate healing.  My goal is to meet you where you are at and to understand where you want you to go in your healing.

Professional Associations

  • BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
  • Crime Victims Assistance Program